First time

Our threshold is low: feel free to cross it

If you are new to Home of Yoga (formerly Bikram Yoga Den Bosch) you can start an unlimited month for a very small price. This way you have plenty of time to try out our yoga classes and experience how much good it will give you!


Your first month of Unlimited Yoga only costs € 30. With this you can come and take unlimited lessons for 1 month. So come as often as you want, so that you can see what yoga does for you over several classes.


Note: due to the corona virus, you cannot temporarily rent a yoga mat. This is mandatory during the lessons. You can buy your own yoga mat from us or bring one with you.


  • Arrive on time, about 15 minutes before the start of the class, so that you can register easily.

  • Clothing suggestion women: for example, wear shorts with a top / sports bra. But above all wear what you like!

  • Clothing suggestion men: for example wear short (swimming) pants, T-shirt is optional. But above all wear what you like!

  • The class is for all levels, even if it is the first yoga class in your life.

  • The Original Hot Yoga class (bikram method) lasts 90 minutes. The vinyasales last 75 minutes.

  • Drink enough during the day, make sure you come to class hydrated.

  • Do not eat any meals until 3 hours before class. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.

  • Come up with a positive and open attitude.

  • We are together and the outside door is locked during class, but there are no lockers.

  • Do not use perfumes just before class or in yoga school; airways are very sensitive in yoga practice.

  • Yoga mat and towel are included in the first class.

  • There are wonderful spacious showers in each dressing room.

  • Come as soon as possible for your free second and subsequent classes. You will experience each lesson differently and your body will be better used to the heat.