Sports massage is for everyone. Contrary to what the name suggests, a sports massage is not only useful for athletes.

There are also many situations in daily life that can lead to injuries. For example, a persistent wrong posture at the office, physically demanding work or just that one movement that causes everything to go stiff.


A sports massage is characterized by somewhat stronger grips, which results in waste being removed from the muscles more quickly and nutrients being admitted faster. A sports massage uses both effleurages (strokes) and petrissages (kneading). The intensity of the massage is determined by the condition of the muscles.

The purpose of a sports massage is to improve physical fitness and to remove or alleviate existing injuries. Regularly getting a sports massage will contribute to a faster recovery and will prevent injuries from returning.

A sports massage can be applied to the following body parts:

  • The front and back of the legs

  • The back and shoulders

  • The neck

  • The upper and lower arms

Before the massage, we first look at your situation and your complaints. Based on this information, we prepare a customized treatment plan. 

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