A Hotstone massage is an age-old relaxing body massage, in Asia and India the hot stones were the precursors of the acupuncture needles.


Hot basalt stones are used for a hot stone massage. Basalt is in origin a hard volcanic rock type that ended up in the ocean. The current in the ocean has given them their unique smooth shapes. The hot stones are therefore literally formed by the 4 elements: Earth, fire, water and air.


The combination of heat and movement allows the masseur to get deeper (up to 3 centimeters) into the muscle tissue, which makes the massage treatment particularly effective and pleasant.

A hot stone massage contributes to the detoxification of the body, stimulates the organs and activates the self-healing capacity of the body. The heat is therefore not only pleasant, but also very useful.

A hot stone massage can be set up and arranged as desired.

The parts of the body that will be treated are:


– The front and backside of the legs, and the feet


– The neck, the neckline and face


– The back, neck and shoulders (both lying on your back and face-down)


When opted for the face, it can be closed off with 'cold stones'

The combination of hot and cold stones on the face ensures visibly fewer wrinkles and gives you a particularly fresh look after the treatment.

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