Relaxation massage and Aromatherapy


'Lie down on your back in Savasana' Savasana stands for relaxation, and if you have ever attended a yoga class you know how important Savasana can be. But you should not only relax during a yoga class, in. everyday life it is also very important to give yourself a moment to relax every now and then. A moment in which you focus all your attention only on yourself.


A massage is one of the oldest, best and healthiest ways to fully relax.

A moment out of your mind and back in the body, that is the purpose of a relaxation massage.

During a relaxation massage, tensions that have been built up in the past period flow away and the mind comes to rest. A relaxation massage also has a preventive effect and ensures that stress and unpleasant situations can be released and not stored in the body.


What's exceptional about this massage is that in addition to soft grips and strokes, bamboo massage sticks are used. The bamboo sticks are smoothly polished and therefore find their way to the deepest muscles in a gentle way.



In order to fully relax, only warm, natural oil is used during this massage.

The oil is pressed and distilled from seeds, flowers, trees and roots. The oil that is released in that process contains the active ingredients.

The scent of the oil influences the state of mind, and the active ingredients ensure a renewed balance in the body. The oil also nourishes the skin so that it will become soft and supple again.


We will gladly take the time for you to discuss what your treatment will look like before the massage.

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