For the past 3 years we worked hard to create a place for you to feel at home. A place where you search for your own self in a safe environment. We created a place all together that feels lief coming home; the home base for your yoga classes.

Teh new name for your yoga studio in Den Bosch:  Home of Yoga


Almost 3 years ago I founded and opened Bikram Yoga Den Bosch.

Because this yoga class brought me a lot of good and health on a physical and mental level, I had a mission: I wanted to spread this yoga. I moved to a city where people did not yet have the opportunity to change and improve their lives through this yoga series.


What many do not know is that bikram is the name of the man who started this yoga in America and Japan. I never said much about it, because I wanted to separate the yoga from the man.

Now a Netflix documentary has been released about the yoga and the sexual abuse of the founder of this yoga class Bikram Choudhury. We can no longer see the yoga separately from the man. Based on the idea that yoga is about honesty and embracing the truth, I have come to the conclusion that the name has become untenable. The name got in the way of our mission. Our compassion goes out to those who are hurt.


Bikram Yoga Den Bosch never had any financial obligation to Bikram Choudhury, nor have we been guided by his will to some extent. We operate completely independently and do not owe any franchise fee to anyone.


We will nevertheless change our name. We do not yet know what the name will be, we are busy thinking about it. It must be a well-considered choice. But a new name is coming, that's for sure.


I want a place in Den Bosch where everybody feels safe and there should be no hint of impurity whatsoever.

Apart from the name change, the content of the classes will not change, because the yoga, as old as it is, works. The series works: it’s a wonderful selection of postures in beautiful sequence. The wisdom that lies in it belongs to everyone.


So we take our time and will when the time is ready launch a new name with as content your trusted yoga classes given by your trusted teachers.


Bas Dorlandt