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Bas has worked as a professional dancer and choreographer at home and abroad for many years. In 2004 he took his first yoga class and since then yoga has become an indispensable part of his life. After graduating from Los Angeles in 2013, he is a full-time teacher of bikram yoga and has taught in Utrecht, Amsterdam, LA, San Francisco and Warsaw. Starting his own yoga school teaches him how beautiful it is to make others happier. He is therefore very committed to putting yoga on the map in Den Bosch.




Francesca trained as a musician before she came to yoga- or rather, yoga came to her- only reluctantly in 2010, not expecting it to change her or her life so entirely. She did the Bikram yoga teacher training in 2013, and in 2018 completed the Iyengar yoga teacher training in Amsterdam. Francesca studies with Sherie van den Wijngaard and teaches at several schools in the Netherlands. She is grateful to have found a teacher and a path, and to be able to serve others through yoga.



Yoga teacher


Since her first Bikram Yoga class in 2012, Jitske has always kept returning to this yoga in the hot room. There she learned that yoga is not so much about the postures, but about your posture. Observing yourself with curiosity and without judgment. In 2019 she decided to deepen her yoga path and took the Teacher Training in the US. Since then she has been teaching and passionately passing on the passion for Bikram Yoga to others. In her classes, Jitske wants to create space to observe yourself without judgment and with curiosity.



Yoga and Pilates teacher


Text about Petros is coming soon!



Yoga teacher


Iris studied psychology and has been practicing yoga and meditation for ten years. In 2012 she came into contact with bikram yoga for the first time and was immediately 'hooked'. During trips to Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii she always manages to find a bikram school to continue her practice. For her, the 90 minutes of practice and 26 postures encompasses her holistic view of life in which psychology, physiology and spirituality come together. Iris did her Yoga Teacher Training in Amsterdam in 2016 and finds her passion, satisfaction, pleasure and inspiration in teaching.



Yoga therapist and guest teacher


Sherie has been teaching and practicing yoga since 1992 and was invited to Bangalore, India in 1997 and completed her studies in Vinyasa Krama and Yoga Therapy a year later. In 1998 she started with bikram yoga. She has worked with top athletes, troubled teens and the elderly. Sherie believes that yoga is for everyone as a method to free themselves from suffering. Sherie continues to teach yoga as the "8-limb system" and supports schools, teachers and students around the world. Yoga has her way. given to serve others with unconditional love.